ESTMA Terminal provides professional warehousing and terminal services. We have a customs license for providing bonded warehouse services. The entire warehouse complex is insured and is under constant manned and video surveillance. All worker safety measures are strictly enforced.

Storage capacity and service facilities:

  • Covered storage: 12,000 sqm for 3,900 pc of EUR/FIN
  • Open-air storage: 3,000 sqm for 100 pc of car, 64 pc of containers (20′), 23 pc of trailers
  • Depot: 8,000 sqm open air storage area for containers and trailers
  • Terminal has at its possession a direct railway branch with an immediate access to the main railroad system. At ESTMA Terminal we handle all neces­sary documentationincluding all customs formalities

* Authorisation for storage of Tobacco and Alcohol (Authorisation by the Estonian National Customs Board)

Consolidation and Distribution Services

  • Packing, repacking and unpacking
  • Combining of cargo for consolidated shipments
  • Preparation of LCL and groupage cargo for distribution
  • Weighing services
  • Interchange operations

Customs Brokers

  • Timed payment of import duties
  • Customs inspections
  • Customs clearance
  • Completion of customs declarations and CMR
  • Opening of TIR book
  • Issuance of transit customs documentation
  • Claims processing

Maintenance and Repair of Containers

  • 20’ & 40’ Standard or H.C. Dry Containers
  • Open top and hard top containers

Door-to-Door Forwarding Services

  • International truck, railway and freight forwarding
  • National truck and railway forwarding
  • National transport of goods by commercial van

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