Project cargo

Project Cargo

Project cargo is a type of cargo that is oversized, typically high value, and out of gauge cargo (OOG), requiring special equipment such as cranes, trucks, or tools to move and often non-standard approach to routing, load fastening and documentation requirements among others. This type of cargo is transported by utilizing specialized vessels, train wagons, trucks, or aircraft.

Unlike regular or general cargo that can fit on pallets, in shipping containers, or inside an aircraft ULD, where the maximum weight and dimensions are common, project cargo requires out-of-the-box creativity and technical knowledge to be transported and delivered. 

As the name suggests, project cargo are usually components that are part of an overall structure or larger project. Transporting this type of cargo can be challenging, due to the nature of the cargo, its time or temperature sensitivity, weight, dimensions, shape, etc.

Moving project cargo also requires a proper appreciation for safety, an eye for detail, and a systematic plan that considers various logistical challenges such as road, weather, availability, and transportation conditions. 

 Project cargo is found in a wide variety of applications. This can include upgrades to structures, buildings, or facilities and can vary across many different industries and here in ESTMA we have done it all:

  • Production –plant parts, heavy machinery and operating equipment.
  • Aerospace –engines, wings, fuselages, or entire helicopters are often regarded as project cargo.
  • Marine – Marine equipment, which includes vessel engines, propellers, shafts, and various other components.
  • Military –tanks, aircraft, armored vehicles, and other types of military equipment to new sites or in-between bases. 

There are various ways to transport project cargo. The most common modes of transport are by air, sea, rail, and road. Most project cargo will be moved through intermodal transport, whereby the first and last leg is through road freight, and the main leg via air, sea, or rail freight.

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